2024 Launcher XL 2 Drivers

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Jan. 8, 2024 – It’s well known the Driver is the one club every golfer gets excited about. But it’s also the one club golfers often struggle with most. That’s where CLEVELAND GOLF® comes in. Launcher XL 2 Drivers are packed with an XL blend of distance and forgiveness technologies that give the avid golfer everything they need to go longer off the tee and find more fairways.

“Using a multi-step AI process and emphasizing impact locations in areas where avid golfers tend to strike the ball, we were able to evaluate performance characteristics and manipulate face geometries based on those results. With the MainFrame XL Face design golfers will see more powerful ball speeds, distance, and consistency no matter where contact is made.”
– Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering at Cleveland Golf

Improvements didn’t just stop at the face, though. Cleveland Golf reworked its XL Head Design and weighting setup to deliver even more forgiveness and consistency. Using an extremely thin crown that’s supported by a strong, lightweight framework, Cleveland Golf was able to up MOI to the highest levels ever in a Cleveland Golf Driver.

  • Testing showed a 2% increase in heel/toe MOI and a 12% increase in high/low MOI compared to the last generation. How does that translate on the course? Longer, straighter drives – even on mishits.

Every bit of power counts with the Driver, right? Well, Cleveland Golf doubled down on power with its Rebound Frame technology. See, most Drivers have one flex zone, but the Launcher XL 2 has two.

  • At impact, these dual-flex zones work simultaneously, increasing the energy into the ball – amplifying ball speed and distance on every shot.

For players who feel distance isn’t everything, Launcher XL 2 is offered in an optional Accuracy Build – a custom-configured setup that features a shaft that’s a half-inch shorter for any player who is looking for more consistent strikes.

Ready to take back control off the tee? Cleveland Golf’s got you covered with the Launcher XL 2 Drivers. 

Retail Information and Pricing:

Launcher XL 2 Drivers: S$680

Available in retail soon.

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