Winner Volvik

# 1 Color Golf Ball on Tour

In a little over 30 years, Volvik has developed a reputation based on perfect quality control and innovative development, quickly becoming one of the most significant and trusted golf ball manufacturers in the world. Volvik is renowned for its world leading technology and innovation and grown to become the #1 Color Golf Ball On Tour. Over 70 of the world’s top touring professionals put their trust in Volvik’s ultra high-performance color golf balls, earning 10 victories and 63 Top 10 finishes.

Volvik S4

  • Volvik S4​ has outstanding spin control with new & improved VU-X urethane cover
  • Explosive distance with exceptional energy transfer generated by the power dual core
  • Exceptional ball flight stability with Volvik's patented symmetrical dimple design
  • High performance 4 piece construction for players demanding a super-premium tour ball
golf balls in singapore
White golf ball in singapore

Volvik S3

  • Outstanding spin control with new & improved VU-X Urethane Cover for excellent greenside playability
  • Explosive distance and enhanced soft feel generated by Volvik’s Over-Sized Power Core
  • Exceptional ball flight with Volvik's Patended Symmetrical Dimple Design
  • High performance 3 piece construction for players demanding a tour ball with all three key characteristic; Distance, Ball flight stability and Greenside playability

Volvik Vivid

  • Lower driver spin, high launch and more distance driven by Volvik's Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core
  • Patented matte finish and vibrant colors
  • Minimized glare on ball surface promotes concentration and improved ball striking
  • Vivid colors were developed to improve increased visibility in flight and on the ground
orange colour golf balls in singapore
color golf balls in singapore

Volvik Vimat Soft

  • Improved focus in matted pastel colors that give a psychological stability
  • High energy soft core with soft feel and fast initial ball speed
  • Superior flying distance with low spin rate and high launch angle when hitting the driver
  • Optimal ball flight with icosahedron dimple design provides and excellent flight stability

Volvik Singapore Edition

  • 6 Vivid 3-pieces premium balls pack plus hat clip and marker
Volvik Singapore Edition Pan West
Volvik Skull Edition Pan West Special

Volvik Skull Edition

  • 4 Vivid 3-pieces premium balls with hat clip marker

Volvik Vivid Rainbow Technicolor

  • 7 Vivid 3-pieces premium balls pack
rainbow color golf balls in singapore
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