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PRO ZR Laser

Rangefinder featuring a DuraShield hardshell and built-in cart magnet

The Shot Scope PRO ZR with DuraShield Hardshell is a laser rangefinder made with premium materials designed for golfers who want a robust and high performing rangefinder. Whatever the weather, PRO ZR is equipped to handle the harsh conditions and give golfers a distance they can be confident in.

Take accuracy to the next level with an ultra-clear LCD display combined with Red / Black dual optics, PRO ZR ensures that players can read their measurements regardless of the light conditions over a distance of 1500 yards. 

Built to last, the DuraShield Hardshell is robust and designed to handle harsh conditions, whilst giving golfers an accurate distance that they can be confident in.


Laser Rangefinder featuring GPS Distances and Performance Tracking

The PRO LX+ is the ultimate on-course device with three products in one. A laser rangefinder, GPS functionality and performance tracking. Complete with F/M/B yardages and Target-lock technology, you will find the pin on every green with ease.

With the ability to detach the H4 Handheld from the PRO LX, you can use each product independently or together to suit your needs.  Both products now feature a built-in magnet so you can position the laser and GPS wherever you prefer.

To performance track your round, tap your selected club against the GPS device before you play your shot. Post round, upload your data via Bluetooth to access over 100 statistics about your game, which in turn will aid with performance improvement.

Shot Scope PRO LX+
Shot scope_L2


Laser rangefinder with slope and cart magnet

The Shot Scope PRO L2 is a compact and stylish rangefinder providing the golfer with fast and accurate distances on the golf course. Never guess again with adaptive slope technology correctly adjusting your distance, taking the up and down hills into account to allow for better club selection. Quickly flick the switch to turn slope off, making the PRO L2 legal in tournaments.

One of the most affordable rangefinders on the market packed with advanced features including rapid-fire detection and target-lock vibration to ensure you hit the target with confidence every time.

G5 GPS Watch

Includes two quick release strap sets

Shot Scope G5 keeps things simple for golfers who want to stay focused on their game whilst getting accurate distances on the course. With no phone required for set up or use on the golf course the G5 is easy-to-use and ready to play straight out of the box. An accurate GPS watch providing dynamic yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as to hazards, layup points and dogleg distances. 

Build a golf watch that suits your game and your style by selecting your preferred color of watch case as well as two straps in the color of your choice. Simply remove the strap with a slide of the bar to change the strap color to suit your preference for the day or to go for a new look. One of the lightest GPS watches on the market, it won’t interfere with your swing, allowing you to play and perform at your best.

Shot Scope G5 GPS golf watch
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