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No golf company has more experience crafting, customizing, and innovating a single dimension of the game than Cleveland Golf. From the legendary 588 wedge, #1 selling wedge of all time, to the RTX-6 of today, our dedication to the short game has led to multiple breakthroughs ranging from Multiple Bounces, Zip Grooves, Laser Milling and Precision Forging. Cleveland Golf, Owning the Short Game Since 1979.



24 Cleveland golf HALO XL drivers


The all-new Launcher XL 2 Driver isn’t just big, it’s a downright must-hit for anyone who wants help going longer and finding more fairways. That’s because it’s packed with an XL blend of our latest distance and forgiveness technologies. Like our AI-designed MainFrame XL variable face and our dual flex zoned Rebound Frame. It’s everything you need to make it look easy off the tee.

HALO XL Hybrid

HALO XL Hybrid

190 out. Thick stuff. Bad lie. Now what?

All-new HALO XL Hybrids, that’s what. Double the distance tech, tons of forgiveness, and our most advanced GlideRail sole design yet. Feeling better now? Ditch the duffs and fill your yardage gaps with Hybrids designed to inspire a whole new level of confidence in your long game.

Cleveland HALO XL Fairway Wood

HALO XL Fairway Wood

We took a long look at most golfers’ long game and what we saw wasn’t pretty. Many avid golfers insist on keeping disaster-prone long-game clubs in the bag, even though they know these clubs often send their round down the drain.

But HALO XL Fairway Woods can change that.

With more loft offerings than ever before, plus our latest and greatest forgiveness tech, we’ve created Fairway Woods that’ll save you from those long-game blues.


The HALO XL Hy-Wood is both radically new, and yet incredibly familiar.

Maybe your Fairway Woods don’t cooperate on shots off the deck. Or, maybe you just prefer the feel of a Hybrid. Either way, the HALO XL Hy-Wood is designed to fill the space between by coupling Hybrid swing feel with Fairway Wood distance.



The HALO XL irons

HALO XL Full-Face Irons

We all want to play better golf. But what even is better golf, exactly?

Around here, it’s the feeling of standing over your ball knowing something big could happen. Or something better than big. That’s the thinking behind HALO XL Full-Face Irons, at least. Bigger is better.

Get out there and play your game. It only gets better from here.

Golf Hot List award

ZipCore XL Irons

Go big and get it close? Yes, please. With all-new ZipCore XL Irons, you get both. AI-designed MainFrame faces and weighting, along with our legendary ZipCore technology, combine to deliver all of the power, control, and confidence you need to hit it far and stick it close without fail. Oh, and did we mention they look darn good while doing it? Sheesh! Just look at those things.

Golf Hot List award



RTX Full-Face 2 Tour Satin Wedge

All-new RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges are designed to help you score everywhere, no matter where you strike or take your shot. From flops to lobs to sand saves and crafty escapes, a full face of Ultizip grooves, high-toe profile, and HydraZip spin tech give you the versatility you need to play an unlimited variety of shots with nothing but confidence.


New CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges bring premium versatility and elite forgiveness together in a highly refined, sharp-looking design that blends perfectly in the bag with modern cavity back or hollow Iron sets. And now, these CBX series Wedges get all of Cleveland Golf’s latest tour caliber technologies to create our finest cavity back Wedge yet.


This ultra-forgiving Wedge system includes four specialized clubs to fulfill every short-game shot on the course. Smart Sole Full-Face takes the guesswork out of Wedge plays and makes it easy to get on the green in one swing.

cg CBX Full Face Wedge

CBX Full Face-2 Wedge

From full swings to tricky open-face plays around the green, CBX Full-Face 2 is designed to deliver full forgiveness and full fun.

RTX-6 ZipCore Wedge

Designed to unlock maximum spin performance across the golf course, regardless of lie. Yep, that includes the fairway, rough, sand, and even in wet conditions.


CBX ZipCore delivers the perfect blend of performance and forgiveness for players that never apologize for stepping up their short game.



HB SOFT 2 Putter

The most traditional shape of all the HB SOFT 2 Putters, model 1 features a classic blade design paired with a plumber’s neck hosel and simple, one-line alignment—best suited for a slight arc stroke.

HB SOFT 2 Putter


Forget the status quo. Here’s your new paradigm: a forward center of gravity is better than one in the back. And that’s because it helps you hit straighter putts.

These are the new Frontline Putters. Their tungsten face weights increase accuracy, which means you’ll sink more putts in fewer strokes.

Huntington Beach SOFT Premier

The Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putters have a milled face pattern that is tightly packed in the middle and more open in the heel and toe. The new HB Soft Premier, which is available in eight models, features a PVD gray satin finish for reduced glare, but it maintains the distinctive deep milling pattern on the face. 

Golf Balls

Tour Special Golf Ball A6

Tour Special

  • Superior soft feel balls
  • High launch and low spin for great distance
  • Strong high trajectory
  • Soft feel for great touch and control around the greens
  • Reduced driver spin to help keep your ball flying straight
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