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Honma Golf has launched, along with the new Beres 06 Series that we introduced a few weeks ago, the new family of BeZEAL 535 premium golf clubs. Aimed at the mid to high handicap golfer who seeks a magnificent performance, greater forgiveness and exclusivity, Honma Golf now offers the entire range in authorized golf stores, including super class drivers, fairway woods, utilities and irons, which offer further distance with superior forgiveness.

Loaded with technology and crafted in Japan with the most sophisticated materials, the BeZEAL 535 family has been created with the concept of ‘total design’. These are clubs that optimize the three key factors of distance: initial velocity, launch angle and spin rate; at the same time they offer extra forgiveness to the golfer who seeks to enjoy a great performance in a distinguished way on the golf course. They also use a shaft of their own creation, the VIZARD of 48 grams, made suitable particularly in terms of material, weight and flexibility, to the needs of each BeZEAL 535 golf club.

HONMA BeZEAL 535 Driver


The BeZEAL 535 driver amazes by its combination of distance and forgiveness, with a more developed head than in the previous generation but still retaining the ease of placing it behind the golf ball.

Key in its performance is the Groove Power Area technology, which expands the sweet spot in the face. The higher repulsion produces an increased ball speed and, as a result, greater distance. The redesign of the head shape redesign allows it to have a lower centre of gravity further forward, providing a high launch angle with low spin. Also, the increased forgiveness in the toe and the heel helps to promote a ‘back to the centre trajectory’ on the miss shots. It is a golf club that also makes it easy to catch the ball, thanks to the position of the 7g weight, which shifts the centre of gravity to the heel, making it easy to close the face of the head at impact.


With the EPT Technology, the VIZARD shaft has been designed to transfer the energy to the head and the ball while maintaining a low spin rate. In the shaft, the lower and higher kick-point has been relocated to increase the strength on the grip area for a better shaft timing. The selection of the carbon fibre material by TORAY Inc., has been made using Computer Aided Engineering, ensuring the use of the best materials.


The BeZEAL 535 driver is available with lofts of 9,5º and 10,5º, with the VIZARD shaft (flex R, S-R and S). 

HONMA BeZEAL 535 Fairway Woods


Following the driver development, the ‘total design’ of the BeZEAL 535 fairway wood also uses the 3 key factors of distance, with a superior forgiveness, and an improved head which makes it easy to address the target.

Thanks to the Groove Power Area in the base of the golf club, the area of maximum repulsion of the face is expanded for increased ball speed and distance, especially in the case of mishits on the heel side. The redesigned shape of the head places the centre of gravity further back and lower, providing a high launch angle with a low spin. And its higher forgiveness on the toe and the heel promote a ‘back to the centre trajectory’ on mishits, adding a weight to help catch the golf ball on the ground.

Here again the VIZARD shaft of the fairway wood plays a major role, as it is designed for a proper transfer of energy to the head and the ball, while maintaining a low spin rate.

The BeZEAL 535 fairway wood is available in the 3W (15º), 5W (18º) y 7W (21º) versions, and VIZARD shafts (flex R, S-R and S). 



The family of BeZEAL 535 Honma metalwoods is completed by this utility, which features a superior performance in distance and forgiveness over the 525 generation.

Again, in this club the Groove Power Area technology increases the sweet spot and the repulsion area of the face, offering an increased ball speed and distance. Even with a smaller head, the increased forgiveness towards the toe and the heel also promotes a ‘back to the centre trajectory’ on mishits.

In the utility the VIZARD shaft again plays a main role, as it is designed for a good transfer of energy to the head and the golf ball, while maintaining a low spin rate.

The BeZEAL 535 utility is available in U19 (19º), U22 (22º) and U25 (25º) versions, with VIZARD shafts (flex R, S-R y S). 



Here, the BeZEAL 535 iron has been completely redesigned since the 525, making it easier to launch the ball, with maximum distance and higher forgiveness, using the best materials and advanced engineering.

The head is built in multiple materials. The head structure is manufactured in SUS630 steel. The High Modulus Titanium (HTM Ti) has been used for the face, to optimize weight and strength, while also achieving superior repulsion and forgiveness.

In the weight redistribution the head has 4 slits, 2 on the base and 2 inside the head, to save the weight that the engineers have relocated further back and lower in the sole. Two Tungsten weights, of 6g on the toe and 3g on the heel, are used further back and lower in the sole for the best centre of gravity location, while facilitating the launch of the ball.

An increased forgiveness on the toe and the heel promotes a ‘back to the centre trajectory’ on the mishits. And compared to the previous generation (525), the size of the head has been redesigned to provide the player a slightly wider sole and longer face, for increased confidence and forgiveness.

The premium head finish gives it improved durability and the high quality appearance that is the essence of the Honma irons. It also comes mounted with the VIZARD for the BeZEAL 535 irons with graphite shaft (flex R, S-R and S), or the Nippon NS PRO950 GH with steel shaft (R, S).

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