Hyunee Kim Eats Up The Spotlight: Q&A With @HyuneeEats

Hyunee Kim is a mega-popular, Anaheim, Calif.-based social media influencer. Although she began hitting golf balls as a young child, she’s been playing golf more seriously the past two years. In fact, she’s already shaved roughly 20 strokes off her scores in that time. With her bubbly personality, Kim’s @hyuneeeats YouTube channel in which she colorfully eats various foods engages nearly 1.7 million subscribers. Meanwhile, her golf-centric @hyuneegolfs Instagram account has 8,000 followers. But if her golf game takes off like her appetite for life, expect Kim to hit superstar status sometime soon. An avid fan of Honma golf clubs, Kim recently sat down to chat about her golf game – and her eating.
Q: How were you introduced to golf and when did you know you were hooked?
A: I was first introduced to the game when my family moved to Taiwan and I followed my dad to the golf range. My dad got hooked into golf when he played for business purposes, so he would frequently hit the range and go play golf rounds. I tried hitting some balls with his clubs and he was impressed when he saw that I could hit the ball well, and that my form was somewhat okay after just observing him hit balls. That was my first introduction, but I picked up golf again during Covid in May of 2021. I opened my eyes to golf again when I found out there are now cute golf clothes to play in. Then I was hooked as soon as I picked up the clubs again. I was hitting the ball pretty decently at that point, and it was fun going out to play on the course. I also loved that it brought back memories of when I was younger watching my dad hit balls at the range and going out for rounds.
Q: What made you want to share your golf journey on social media?
A: I initially wanted it just to show off my golf outfits and share my swing changes as the days went by. I also joined the Malbon Buckets Club and enjoyed everyone in the golf community, which motivated me to grow my social media account to meet more golfers.
Q: What’s the most fun you’ve had on the course?
A: Breaking my personal record has been the most fun I’ve had out there. Also hitting bomb drives.
Q: Where do you play mostly?
A: It’s so difficult to get a tee time these days, especially after the golf boom during Covid. So I just play anywhere I can get a tee time. That may have helped me improve in a short amount of time, challenging myself to different courses.
Q: What’s helped you improve your game the most?
A: Going out and playing on the course, and getting lessons from jparkgolf.
Q: What’s the best 18-hole round score you’ve ever had?
A: 81.
Q: Where’s the most enjoyable golf trip you’ve taken?
A: Bandon Dunes. I was able to book a tee time last minute while visiting my fiance’s friend’s parents. I wish I’d gotten to stay there for the whole week.
Q: Who do you prefer to play with most of the time?
A: I like to play with my best friend, who has the best golf etiquette. It’s always a plus when your partner or foursome all have the best golf manners.
Q: Have you met or played with any Tour pros?
A: Yes, I’ve met Bryson DeChambeau and have played with my good friend and an LPGA player, Annie Park at a Gaming Golf Club tournament presented by eSports. It was truly an honor and a dream come true.
Q: How did you get involved with Honma?
A: My dad is no longer here with us physically, but he loved Honma and had all the brand’s 5-star clubs. I am currently playing the 4-star gold 22-degree and 28-degree hybrids. Those are my favorite two clubs in the bag, although I particularly love the 22-degree. I use it the most and aesthetically it’s just so pleasing. Love that it shines bright like a diamond in the sun.
Q: What do you like most about playing Honma clubs?
A: I love the design and how fancy they look in my bag, and how they feel when I swing them. I’ve never gone a day without someone complimenting my gold Honma clubs. I call them my golden children.
Honma Beres NX Ladies
Q: What projects have you worked on with Honma?
A: I recently did a video commercial shoot and a photo shoot with Honma for the new BERES-NX line. I’m hoping to do some more projects with Honma in the future, as well.
Q: What’s going with your food channel these days? What should we watch for there?
A: My food channel will always be the same. It’s there to make everyone hungry and be of company while they eat at home. If you need someone to eat with or need some recommendations on what to eat for the week, make sure to go subscribe and watch videos at hyuneeEats on YouTube!
Q: How did that channel start and how has your content evolved over time?
A: I used to love watching Mukbang videos way before it was a thing here in the U.S. As soon as I came across an English Mukbang video, I told myself, “hey I love watching Mukbangs, I love food, why not start my own channel?” From there, hyuneeEats was born. I started creating content from an extra room in my house, which I later turned into a filming room stocked with all the equipment – from lighting to a microphone to a whole Mukbang table setup. As my channel started growing, I was featured on a Popeye’s chicken commercial, Buzzfeed and Vice.
Q: Have you thought of fun ways to combine golf and food for a crossover creation?
A: Yes, actually. I want to review clubhouse food at golf courses. I think it would be fun and different. Some clubhouses have quality food and some… well I will leave it up for you to decide.
Q: What’s next for you in golf?
A: To break 70 and eventually lower my index to a 10 by the end of this year. My ultimate goal however, would be to become a pro player. Even if it’s a senior pro, I will take it!

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