Honma’s new BERES 09 drivers

Compared to Tour pros, most amateur golfers swing at a much slower speed. And that can restrict how far we can hit a golf ball — regardless of our age, size and gender, or our physical abilities.


We’re human after all. However, certain pieces of equipment can provide an edge. And that’s no truer than with Honma’s new BERES 09 drivers for men and women. BERES 09 raises the bar with exhilarating performance. Yes, it will give you more control, precision, and confidence – but also more distance.


Honma uses its “Distance Technology” in the driver that features a new center of gravity and clubhead construction that retains the signature BERES feel plus optimization for maximum yardage. It employs a high-strength, lightweight carbon on the sole’s toe that adds might to your typical tee shot. Plus, its draw bias will create a right-to-left ball movement that soars through the air and then hits the ground running. A newly developed clubface is thicker where it needs to be, and is supported by a quad bridge structure.


For an added boost, a 10-gram stainless weight at the rear of the clubhead effectively converts impact energy into further enhancing initial ball velocity. As a result, that combination optimizes repulsion at impact – giving your drives some extra jump. Getting fitted for the best of the four Honma ARMRQ FX shaft options for your unique swing will further enhance your ball flight. So no matter how slow or fast your clubhead speed, you’ll immediately notice more distance off the tee.


The performance built into BERES is uncommon. It has to be experienced to be believed, but once you see the ball climb into the air with pleasing trajectory, you’ll understand how BERES has become a legendary and beloved brand around the globe.


The BERES 09 collection is available at all Pan-West stores:

📍Honma Flagship Store, 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place #03-03A
📍Level 3 Shaw Isetan Golf Dept
📍Level 4 Takashimaya Sports Department, Golf Section
📍Far East Shopping Centre #02-06/07
🛒 pan-west.com

Please contact golf@pan-west.com or 63382380 for more information.

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