New product line “Distance Beyond Imagination” DEBUT

HONMA GOLF CO.,LTD. (Head office: Tokyo Minato-ku / CEO Yasuki Ito) is proud to be releasing the all new T//WORLD GS line.

The theme of the T//WORLD GS line is “GAIN SPEED TECHNOLOGY” – Achieving greater speed and distance.

All details about the development method, club specification, structure, technology, material, shaft, and manufacturing process have been reviewed from the ground up, and all elements have been thoroughly enhanced for the swing speed to maximize carry.

In particular, the driver features 5 key points
1: Crank Slots,
2: Radial Face,
3: Keel Design,
5: The designated shaft “SPEEDTUNED”, to provide compatibility of both “Flight” and “Forgiveness”.

Of course the “Surprise” is not only in the form of the distance performance but also on other points. The T//WORLD GS line is filled with excitement which will instinctively make the user feel and say “WOW!”  It’s worth experiencing.

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