The leading Japanese golf brand has extended its super-premium Beres putter line up with the launch of two new models.

Honma has added two new putter models to its super-premium Beres range of clubs – the P303 and P308 putters.

Today’s announcement comes after Honma revealed its Beres wedge line up last month, another part of the luxury Beres range of golf clubs.

Honma Golf Putter

The new P303 and P308 models are aimed at golfers seeking high performance and luxury golf equipment, with the new mallet styles being designed to deliver increased stability over long and short putts as well as offer a confidence inspiring look at address.

The P303 and P308 models have been created at Honma’s headquarters in Sakata, Japan by more than 100 Takumi – Honma’s master craftsmen.

Honma Golf PP-303 Putter

The Takumi apply meticulous club building expertise and combine it with modern club building concepts to deliver performance on the greens.

It is a fang-mallet style with an aluminium sole that helps ensure weight is evenly distributed across the entire club from to-to-heel. The weight distribution leads to a high MOI for increased stability through the stroke and a more consistent roll off the face.

The P303 has a forged CNC milled putter head with double milling across the face to ensure the ball stays in contact with the grooves for longer, providing a soft feel and enhanced control on the greens.

Three sight lines run from back to front on the head to help golfers confidently line up and strike the ball out of the middle of the face.

Honma Golf PP-308 Putter

The P308 comes in a distinctive T-shape style, which also provides a high MOI for increased stroke stability and forgiveness from off-centre strikes.

Honma has moved the aluminium sole wight low and back in the P308 putter head, which creates a deeper centre of gravity to deliver optimal launch and spin, a 13% improvement in roll compared to Honma’s previous PP202 mallet.

Like the P303, the P308 has a CNC milled head with double milling on the face as well as three sight lines to to assist alignment and help with a consistent, central strike off the face.

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