The new game-improvement family provides pure Honma craftsmanship to all golfers

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA – Honma officially launched its new game-improvement XP-1 product the company announced Thursday, September 19. The full line of product includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons for both men and women bringing legendary Honma craftsmanship to golfers across a wide range of skill levels.

Honma master craftsmen designed XP-1 club heads and shafts holistically in Sakata, Japan. The entire club is beautifully designed and precisely engineered to improve performance.

Honma TW XP-1


XP-1 drivers feature an inspired playing position appearance and the industry’s lightest carbon crown which enables Honma engineers to create internal draw-bias weighting and high MOI. The club head uses Honma’s innovative Double Slot technology that allows the entire front of the driver to flex, with more flex occurring in the heel and toe to help retain speed and accuracy on mishits, including shot enhancing gear effect.

Honma designed and produced a new series of lightweight VIZARD shafts in Sakata to complement the performance of the XP-1 head. The new 43 and 63-gram VIZARD shafts have a unique blend of a soft mid-section and higher torque with enough stiffness in the butt and tip to allow the golfer to feel the head for better timing and deliver it consistently to impact with more speed. The exclusive Honma non-rotating adjustable hosel maintains the precisely located shaft spine in the same location while offering a multitude of settings for face angle, loft and lie. 


XP-1 fairway woods and hybrids were designed with the innovative double slot, a low and deep center of gravity and a thin, fast face for high launch with long carry distance. Fairway woods and hybrids were holistically designed with the beautifully crafted clubhead and VIZARD shaft working together to provide performance for the game improvement golfer. 


XP-1 men’s irons feature a hybrid construction with low CG’s and fast faces to create long carry distance.  The hollow long irons (4-7) have tungsten placed in the sole for launch and stability on mis-hits while the short irons (8-SW) have a deep cavity for added forgiveness and straighter distance throughout the set. XP-1 irons feature Honma VIZARD shafts with an ascending weight flow design, amorphous metal fiber in the tip, with soft feeling but consistent and stable performance designed to complement the head.

“We are thrilled to bring the many decades of club-making knowledge and shaping talent of Honma’s master craftsmen to game-improvement golfers with XP-1. This product line is incredibly beautiful and exceptionally playable and will help golfers with a wide range of skill levels enjoy the game even more,” said Honma’s Vice President of Global Product Chris McGinley.

XP-1 is available in-store beginning in November. Exclusively at Honma Golf Wheelock Place #03-03A and Pan-West stores.

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