“What would fairways expert Matthew Moore make of the new Honma TW 757 range?”
Honma TW 757 Fairway








One of the most impressive new fairway woods released this year. Intelligent design translated into big hitting without sacrificing accuracy. Honma proves that bigger isn’t necessarily better with a classic tour proven fairway profile.

Honma TW 757 Fairway Review

The new Honma TW 757 fairways are new for 2022 replacing the TW//World GS and TR21 models from 2021 and arrive promising faster ball speeds and higher launch thanks to improved Carbon Slot technology in the sole. Honma is a premium Japanese brand operating in the high-end of the equipment market, so we wanted to see how its newest fairway woods matched up to its performance claims.

The first thing to say is that this club is a traditionalist’s dream. It’s compact, simply designed and smart. No frills, just a classic head. Honma doesn’t prescribe to the idea that a three wood needs to be oversized, or ‘maxed’ to provide forgiveness and playability, and in this head it has stayed true to a tour proven or tour preferred shape and size.

Its designers have followed the tried and tested method of creating a higher launch with lower spin for maximum distance. There’s a nine gram weight in the back of the head, which helps launch the ball higher, while progressive internal weights have been moved lower in the head and combined with a sole slot for optimal launch and explosive ball speeds.


Speed slots have been around for years but this one is shorter, focused in-line with the sweet spot and discreetly blended with the rest of the soleplate. It’s a formula that works because our testing revealed some of the best results of any fairway wood we’ve tested this year.

We tested the TW 757 in a 15° head with the Vizard 50 shaft in stiff. In this combination, it was the longest fairway we’ve tested in 2022 with an average distance of 259 yards across the sample with an average carry of 242 yards.

The average launch was 12.5° and spin was 3370 rpm, both lower than all other competitor models tested this year. Ball speed was high at 149.6 mph and dispersion was tight, a package that easily elevates the Honma TW 757 into the best fairway woods on the market right now.

The feel of this club is light but powerful. Honma has used a multi-material carbon crown and lightweight Maraging 455 Steel Cup-Face to free up weight in the head. The shaft is significantly lighter than I’d typically play but held up well in terms of stability and control.

Honma TW 757 Fairway

On the launch monitor, the TW 757 was hugely impressive. Numbers wise, it was as good as I’ve seen but golf is played on the course. Over 18 holes, I hit several penetrating tee shots but did struggle to keep the flight in the air and it had a tendency to dip and over draw on my weaker strikes. The low launch low spin dynamic demands that you are on your game to get the best from it. The penetrating flight delivers lots of run. The trade off comes when you need to hit a high one to land softly going into a par five.

The final point to make is about feel and impact sound. The feel off the face reminds me of Titleist ProV1x golf balls, firm and soft rolled into one. TW 757 was enjoyable to hit and felt lively and fast. On the downside, the impact sound is high pitched and loud. The stock Honma grip has a hard upper section that will bother anyone who doesn’t play with a glove. It lets the rest of the spec down. I’d switch it out or order it with a custom grip.

Overall, Honma has created a classic looking player’s club with all the power and playability of bigger headed fairway woods and a lightweight set-up that most decent players will enjoy hitting. Available in 3, 5 and 7 wood options.

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