Honma TW GS Prototype I

Honma Tour World GS Prototype I Driver

A tough prototype model with improved flight distance performance.
An advanced model that balances “flying and strength” that has been trained based on feedback from professionals while maintaining the good balance that T // WORLD GS is proud of.

Crank slit
Instantly creates a deflection return and increases the ball speed. In addition, off-center hits have the effect of enhancing the gear effect and correcting the trajectory.

Carbon crown & keel design
By adopting carbon material for the crown, it is possible to design the optimum center of gravity and lower the center of gravity. Further, increase the initial velocity of the ball.

Radial face
Achieves increased ball speed by maximizing the repulsive force and repulsive area of ​​the face. Strong against blurring above and below the RBI. In particular, a high initial velocity is achieved even with a lower hit.

P-SAT precision spine management
The spine is set at 6 o’clock in all clubs. It stabilizes the behavior of the shaft and enhances the completeness of the entire set as well as the club itself.

With the included torque wrench, the lie angle, loft angle, and face angle can be adjusted steplessly without attaching or detaching, or rotating the shaft. HONMA’s unique epoch-making angle adjustment function.

Honma TW GS Prototype I Driver is available in Pan-West stores and Honma Golf @ Wheelock Place #03-03A.
Please contact golf@pan-west.com or 63382380 Honma Flagship Store for more information.

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