Honma Customer Profile: Mo Versi

Handicap 5

Home: Orlando, FL

How quickly can Honma clubs change your golf game? Just ask Mohammed “Mo” Versi who switched from TaylorMade Stealth irons to custom-fitted Honma 757vx irons six months ago. “I was looking to transition out of the other set, and tested a lot of different brands,” says Versi, an Orlando tech executive who plays to a 5 index. “Nothing matched the 757vx for distance, control or feel. The Honma irons feel truly exceptional. Over the past 20 years, this is one of the few times that the sound and feel are in a class of their own. The distance is closer to what I’d find in game-improvement irons, so I don’t sacrifice any from my Stealth irons. And at the same time, I get effortless interaction through the turf – including rough. It’s very much point-and-shoot, which in golf is very rare. Plus, I can flight the ball up and down without any effort.”


Versi adds that he specifically likes the immediate feedback on mishits, while the distance remains nearly 100 percent. Due to the irons being forged and having tungsten weights on the longer irons, he feels he often makes solid impact more often. Working draws and fades are a snap, as well. “The issue with larger clubheads bearing stronger offsets such as the Stealth is it’s very hard to work the ball with them since the face is super hot and always trying to help the ball start on a very high trajectory,” he says. “I also love that the Honma’s head weight feels heavier, which is great on the interaction with the ball.”
His new irons have significantly bolstered his confidence, making him feel like he can attack pins at will on the various course types he plays near his home. It doesn’t matter if he’s hitting into super fast greens or slower ones, either. “This is my first-ever experience with Honma clubs,” says Versi. “I’ve already shot multiple rounds in the mid-to-low 70s with them – something I did not do prior. Next, I would love to try out Honma’s drivers and fairway woods.”
Versi organizes and oversees the 45-golfer “Sunday Golfers” group and schedules six tee times nearly every weekend. Most of the golfers are immigrants from East Africa in Tanzania. And to his buddies, “I absolutely recommend Honma and tell them this is one of the best irons they will ever hit. From exceptional feel to amazing distance, it’s an iron they must test. Honma has a strong supporter in their camp here. Keep up the great work!”

The TW 757 collection is available in Pan-West stores and Honma Golf @ Wheelock Place #03-03A.

Please contact golf@pan-west.com or 63382380 Honma Flagship Store for more information.

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